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    The Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science aims to provide education and training for medical scientists to service the public and private pathology laboratory industry.

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    • 4 Jun, 2019
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    SHIMT offers a hotel management course to prepare you for your careers in food production and preparation. Hospitality is a career that can literally take you around the globe.

    • 1/60 Student
    • 24 Jan, 2018
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    Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design, is an undergraduate course for students interested in the glamorous fashion and allied industries.

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    • 24 Jan, 2018
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    Bachelors in Business Administration, is the ideal undergraduate management course for students looking to excel in management and corporate life.

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    • 24 Jan, 2018
  • ₹210.00


    Bachelor of Computer Applications, covers things like data management, operation systems, software and hardware engineering, web technologies, and programming languages.

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    • 24 Jan, 2018
  • ₹250.00

    Bachelors of Commerce (Professional), is a comprehensive undergraduate course that covers the basics of commerce, including accounting, finance, management, economics, and mathematics.

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    • 24 Jan, 2018

One Year Certified Course in Food Production Principles

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What Teacher’s Say ?

  • We are technophiles, to get in touch of latest advancements , education at SHIMT focuses on imparting knowledge that is a healthy mix of formal lectures, practical sessions, case studies, presentations and many more .

    Dr. Harpreet Kaur / Computer Dept.

  • In a highly competitive world, being academically sound might just not be sufficient for graduates. In SHIMT, by inculcating managerial skills along with communication and presentation skills will go a long way in making the graduates employable and industry-ready.

    Ms. Parleen Kaur / Commerce Dept.

  • I would cherish these day of belongingness with “SHIMT”. My role is not only to make students academically strong but also to motivate them to be lifelong learners and productive members of this dynamic global society.

    Ms. Loveleen Kaur / Business Administration Dept.

  • I am blissful to have such a high-quality infrastructure of campus. It is the need of an hour to create an environment that not only encourages learning, but also focuses on the mental and physical well-being of the student.

    Mr. Deepak Thakur / Hotel Management Dept.

  • I feel inspired and I can really look forward to help students to carve their stories through creativity as I believe “Design is intelligence made visible”.

    Ms. Prabhjot Kaur / Fashion Design Dept.


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