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“Library is the soul of any institution”

SHIMT believes in empowering students with everything that they need, and we believe that the right resources do make a difference to the learning process. The giant library of the institution is the hub of academic wealth. Often it is important to supplement the learning process with additional knowledge and information beyond textbooks and syllabus, and our library is well stocked for our students. We have taken special care of the genres, and in years to come, SHIMT aims to add a considerable number to the collection.

Library is all about learning and sharing knowledge, and we expect the same from our students. We insist that you maintain decorum in every corner and abide by the norms that SHIMT has set for its students. Additionally, we look forward to knowing what our teachers, faculty members, and students would want, and we will procure more for them. We also plan to have an extended recreational centre, where students can actually explore genres like fiction and non-fiction and develop interest in other spheres, as well.

Make the most of SHIMT library resources – everything has been arranged for your help and study requirements, and we look forward to more.


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