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May the festivities of Holi splash the shades of colour in our life.

Shree Hanumat Institute of Management and Technology organized the Rangoli Competition in the fervent bright light of festival “Holi”. A colorful and artistic event which celebrated the Aesthetic and traditional Indian art form in the form of hues Rangoli, which is splederously organized by the Hotel Management Department. This competition provided a platform to students to showcase their creativity, sophisticated spirit, cultural appreciation as well as artistic skills.

The Rangoli Competition was celebrated and promoted the rich Indian heritage and tradition of Rangoli not only preserving but also passing down cultural practices to the youngest generation. This has been Provided the livelier creative outlet to students to express themselves through intricate designs and vibrant hues, encouraging artistic expression. It’s aura promotes teamwork and collaboration among participants as they work in the various groups which highlightes the importance of cooperation in artistry and establish the hegemonic concern of “art for art sake”.

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  • Start Time

    10:00 am
  • Finish Time

    1:00 pm
  • Day

    March 22, 2024
  • Address

    Shree Hanumat-IMT Goraya


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