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Chain Note

‘’Chain Note’’ activity was conducted by Commerce Department of Shree Hanumat IMT, Goraya for the students of B.COM Semester IV. This activity tests begins with a question printed at the top of a paper. The paper is circulated from student to student. Each student responds with one or two sentences related to the question and passes it on to the next student. Upon receiving the previous “chain of responses,’’ a student adds a new thought or builds a new thought or build on a prior statement.

The objective of this activity provides an opportunity for students to examine other’s ideas, and compare them to their own thinking. In the process of examining other’s ideas, students build upon them or add new ideas of their own.

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  • Start Time

    2:00 pm
  • Finish Time

    3:00 pm
  • Day

    February 6, 2020
  • Address

    B.COM Department


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