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Dr. Shelly Rekhi Sharma

Director, SHIMT


Shree Hanumat Institute of Management and Technology



SHREE HANUMAT INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY under the aegis of SHREE HANUMAT EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY has been established with a change to the world through our students for the better, for good. We are proud of our philosophy of making the best choices whenever, wherever needed and always strive for ‘Quality’ be it in creating the infrastructure or knowledge sharing. We believe in delivering ‘Quality Education’ that shall lead to enriched minds and make world a better place.

Our Slogan “Enriching Minds, Enriching The World” reflects our motto for not just churning the best professionals but also to nurture a culture of ethics, professionalism and on top empathy amongst our students. We ensure the over-all growth and development of the students in any of the fields that they choose. We understand that the market and opportunities are same for everyone but the approach to click those opportunities is different. So, we look forward for our budding professionals to be one with street smartness and full industrial and practical exposure so as to strike every opportunity and make it their stepping stone for growth. I welcome the students to the family of SHIMT.

“Education is not preparation for life,education is life itself.” – John Dewey


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