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Bachelors of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

Overview of BHMCT Course!!

Bachelors of  Hotel Management & Catering Technology, is a 4 year course that allows students to explore the basics of hospitality industry. Apart from knowing the basics of how the industry functions, students will get the scope to learn about diverse and unique managerial roles.

At SHIMT, we intend to focus on the skills and interests of enrolled students and help them in understanding better about aspects like leadership, critical analysis, management styles, and other challenges that are real and pertinent in the industry. With our Bachelors of Hotel Management Course, students also get the knowledge and understanding that helps them further in starting their own ventures.

Duration: 4 Years – 8 Semesters

Seats: 60

As per SHIMT admission policy BHMCT course must meet the requirements below:

Eligibilty Criteria: As per PTU norms.

Marks required: As per PTU norms.

Course equivalent: BSc. (Catering Science and Hotel Management), B.Sc. (Hotel Management and Catering Operations).

Study Mode: Classroom learning (full-time), extensive environment-based training, and learning in simulated training labs.

Assessment Methods: Projects, Assignments, Yearly-Semi-Yearly Exams, Presentations, and more.

Qualification: Students will be awarded B.Sc. Degree upon successful completion.

Career prospects:

BHMCT from SHIMT will train students to take up varied and diverse role in the hospitality industry, including management of hotels, bars, restaurants and pubs, accommodation operations, catering, banquet management, management of food production, management of counters, contract catering and more. Students also get the knowledge and practical understanding that’s required to open their own pub, restaurants and hotels in the future.


  • Get geared up for the hospitality industry
  • Find jobs in diverse management roles and segments
  • Learn about the emerging trends in catering and hospitality
  • Exposure to real projects
  • Intern for big restaurants and hotels
  • Get confidence and knowledge to start your business in relevant sectors
  • Learn about Food & Beverage Service in detail
  • Get involved in sales and marketing sector
  • Venture into catering management
  • Start right away as a management trainee

Learning at SHIMT

When it comes to Hotel Management & Catering Technology, staying ahead of the curve is of utmost importance for students because they should be able to compete at an international level. At SHIMT, we nurture that. With our own labs and unparalleled infrastructure, we offer the exposure that students deserve in a hotel management college. Our experienced faculty members don’t just stress on knowledge in the books or the syllabus, but we impart real lessons and projects, which allow students to have a better idea of how things work in the business. Additionally, we have live projects, seminars and workshops for students of Hotel Management & Catering Technology because this is a practical field that requires practical knowledge.

For the current year, we have 60 seats for the course, and we are ready to take our students on a career journey they always wanted. Please contact us to know more on hotel management admission, and we will be happy to help our students in any way possible. Learning is not limited to the classroom, and SHIMT doesn’t believe in limitations.


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