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To protect our students from trap of misinformation, a media literacy seminar has been organized.

An expert speaker – Dr. Vijayta Taneja Assistant Professor Dept of JMCTecnia Institute of Advanced StudiesNew Delhi, also a trainer with of Factshala- Indian Media Literacy Network – a news and information literacy initiative launched by Internews collaboration with Data Leads and with support from and the Google News Initiative has been a part of this online training session.

She explained various issues pertaining in the real world and how the personal opinions and grudges can turn the masses against some non-existing issue. Not just this she also debunked various false posts and morphed information shared by unreliable sources and taught students how to check if something is legit or not.

Students were also informed about various tools and tricks available to make the data and information they search more reliable and refined.

The session became even more interesting when various puzzles and games were introduced to make the learning fun and rewardable.

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  • Start Time

    10:00 am
  • Finish Time

    12:00 pm
  • Day

    December 21, 2020
  • Address

    SHIMT Goraya


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