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Bachelor of Computer Applications

Overview of BCA course!!

Bachelor of Computer Applications, is an undergraduate program for students looking for career in computer science. The course curriculum covers things like data management, operation systems, software and hardware engineering, web technologies, and programming languages.

At SHIMT, our BCA course trains students to learn everything that they need to know to use programing and software language for application development. With our well-equipped labs and a team of experienced faculty members, students get to know more on how programming and other aspects can be used to design, develop and work on practical projects, applications, and assignments.

Duration: 3 years – 6 semesters

Eligibility Criteria: As per PTU norms.

Marks required: As per PTU norms.

Course equivalent: B.Sc. Computer Science (Not completely same in terms of curriculum)

Study Mode: Classroom learning (full-time), lab classes, extensive environment-based training, and practical projects.

Assessment Methods: Case study, projects, assignments, yearly-semi-yearly exams, live app development.

Qualification: Students will be awarded BCA degree upon successful completion.

Career prospects:

The IT industry is growing faster than ever, and students have more choices now compared to what was available a couple of years back. BCA is a comprehensive course in computer applications and allows students to explore their capabilities in app development, software testing, IT management, and much more. The course also covers most parts of database creation and management, which are practical aspects that are frequently required in the IT landscape. Besides the private sector, students can also find jobs in the public sector.

Why BCA?

  • Ready to take on roles in the IT industry
  • Work for multinationals
  • Roles in both software and app development
  • Working as database managers and experts
  • Well-informed for jobs such as System engineer
  • Students can also choose take up MCA for further studies
  • Work as web developers and software tester
  • Start own business related to web development.

Experience the IT ambience at SHIMT

SHIMT recognizes the power of the IT sector, and as an emerging BCA college, we want to empower young minds to take on the world. Our course is not just focused on covering the curriculum, but students get to learn computer applications for real, in our fully-working labs, which have been designed keeping the changing dynamics of the IT sector in mind.

As with other courses, students of BCA at SHIMT will get the best possible support as far as learning is concerned, and the institute is committed to offer classroom learning in a better environment. The course will cover all aspects that are pertinent to the field, with live projects and app-related work, which will enable students to take up jobs in the real world, right after completion. Also, students can persue his/her studies in MCA and learn more on computer applications. Please refer to our website to know more or contact us directly for BCA admission. We have 60 seats for the current year.


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