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The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress. To motivate student’s to exchange their knowledge Activity of Group Discussion was conducted on the topic “Social Media: Curse or Blessing”. At the beginning of the session everybody seemed hesitant in expressing their opinion but soon the discussion picked up the pace and the purpose of the discussion, which was to encourage students to speak up and boost their confidence, was fulfilled.

The discussion was between three groups, First group chose to highlight the positive impact of social media, Second group comprised of students who perceived negative impact of social media and the third group was the neutral group that apprised about both the benefits and challenges of social media.

Points discussed in the favour of the topic were like “it makes people broad minded, helps in expanding knowledge, makes easy to find jobs, promotes digital marketing, encourage start-up, access to more information and enhances social connectivity & communication”. The views against the motion were “leads to false trap, self-obsession and materialism, means of spreading fake news, waste of time in scrolling social media, promotes gossips, kills creativity, trolling and addiction” .

Lastly, we tried to draw attention of the students to summarise and conclude the GD highlighting all the important points’ discussed by all the groups.

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    10:00 am
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    11:00 am
  • Day

    May 17, 2022
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