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As the name suggest, this is the department at the front of the hotel, means this is the first department where every guest comes in contact. The functions of the reception are different from hotel to hotel, but the major job of the reception is to “SELL” the rooms. The reception of a hotel can be compared with the brain of the human being for instance; brain guides all the parts of a human body same as the receptionist guides all departments of the hotel. The receptionist also represent the image of those departments which do not come in direct contact with the guest such as kitchen , stores ,laundry, pantry, bakery among others. The reception also acts as a negotiator between the hotel management and guests. All kind of complaints, suggestions, advices, etc. are managed by reception and after getting acceptance from the management they can offer some special facilities, discounts, among others. Due to all these host of functions, the reception is also called the “Nerve centre of a hotel”.

The registration of guests is done at reception. The arrivals and departures take place throughout the day & night in hotels. The reception department operates round the clock. The job of the reception starts from the moment guest check-in, does not ends at the guest’s check –out but continues even after his /her check-out. After guest’s check –out the receptionist is required to maintain the Guest History Card (GHC), receive messages, mails among others.

Generally the receptionist’s duty is to receive & welcome a guest at the time of check –in. Besides, completing the registration formalities, a room is assigned to the guest, and a bell boy carries the luggage and guest room executive (GRE) escorts the guest to his/her room. . First impression…… they also help to build public relations and make then visitors their permanent customers. It is the place where visitors become customers. They are the eyes, mouth and ears of the hotel as the first and last interaction of the guests is always with the staff at reception.

The reception section of the hotel use up-selling techniques to sell higher category rooms and also to promote other services of the hotel such as; food &beverage sale. Maintain a good Co-ordination with the house keeping department for getting a  room status updates and as well as keep a principled harmonize with all other departments of the hotel . Moreover, reception section is responsible for processing guest’s check-out requests and also the requests for safe deposit boxes according to the house policy.

Receptionist notify to the housekeeping department of all check-outs, late check-outs, early check-ins, and special requests. Reception is a busy department and at times as many as 50 guests may arrive simultaneously to check –in. A few of them might be having prior reservation and others walk –INS. Some of them might be VIP, old, regular guest, and all of them are tried after a long strenuous journey and prefer to be attended immediately and allotted a room of their choice. This is important for receptionist to keep calm with smiling face and should be willing to help .Every guest checking-in is important and must be extended personalized attention. For expected arrivals, reception might have filled his guest registration card in advance and it only has to be checked and signed by the guest.  Can you imagine a hotel without reception? Reception is not just a place where a people go and ask for a room but it is the heart of the hotel which pumps life into it.


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