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Methods of Cooking


The different cooking method is important because there is a relationship between cooking methods, the expected result, and the best types of food to use. For example, it is hard to complete a recipe successfully for poached salmon if one does not know what poaching means.

If you understand how a cooking methods works, you can choose the best foods to use with what method.

These days with the advent of technology and new equipment, there are many ways of cooking available, which are not necessarily the method of cooking; but can be describe as mode of cooking.

               Methods of Cooking

Moist Heat method

Moist Heat Cooking method means using the water for making dishes.

1 . Blanching


 The word Blanching comes from the  French word Blanc, Blanching actually is not a direct method of cooking , this is the preliminary process followed to prepare the food which would eventually undergo another method of cooking .

Blanching is incomplete without ‘Shocking or Refreshing, – a term used the commodity is brought straight from the boiling liquid and plunged into cold water to arrest the cooking, Brighten the colour and preserve the nutrition  of that particular.

2 . Poaching


Poaching can be defined as a moist cooking process in which food is gently simmered in the liquid, which is brought to, and maintain at a temperature just 70 to 96 C. poaching is that method of coking where a food commodity is simmered in a liquid.

 3 . Steaming


 Steaming is one of the most commonly used methods of cooking, especially these days when people are more conscious about their health. It is a principle of cooking where the food is placed over boiling water and is covered with a lid to trap the steam

4 . Boiling

 Water boils at 100 C and that becomes obvious when we talk about the principle of cooking called Boiling. The food gets by convection currents in hot water and this includes all the variants such as Blanching, Steaming, and  Poaching, therefore there are no Maillard reactions.

5 . Braising

Braising is a long, slow, gentle, and moist process during which commodities particularly covered with a liquid in an container in an oven.

 6 . Stewing


Stewing may be defined as a long slow, gentle, and moist cooking process, during which small, tough, second grade quality meats are made tender and palatable this is generally true but in real sense stewing refers to cooking a food commodity in its own natural juices.

Dry Heat metod

Dry heat cooking method means the food item are cooked in oil and fat. Water and stock are not used in this cooking process.

1 . Sauteing


Sauteing comes from the French word sautir which means Jump. In this method the food Is continuously toasted in pan in INDIAN cooking means BHUNANA.

 2 . Frying


Frying is probably the faster cooking method used in the kitchen. It also involves cooking of only prime quality food. Where emphases is lid on the cuts, as it directly affect the product.

3 . Baking


Baking is a cooking principle which is applied only in Bakery, confectionery, and patisserie, which would essentially be flour-based products. There are few exceptions as some potatoes are baked with their skin and something pastas are also baked.


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