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Winter Wardrobe

“Fashion is not just a styling or trend, it’s a confidence”

Winter is considered as the most beautiful and adventurous season of our country and because of chilling weather we need a wardrobe which act as a shield. So, here are some ideas for winter wardrobe styling which enhance the looks and makes a person more confident and comfortable with their attire.

Winter Wardrobe Styling:

Casual Styling

  • Carry coat with streamlined legging make the legs look slim.
  • With chunky snow boots we can go for a tailored jacket.
  • Choose a coat which stays close to body and also below the knees it makes one look elegant.
  • Velvet and sweaters adds to the grace and provide the warmth. It also goes with casual outfits.
  • Denim are forever having dark to light shades which can be worn in any season. Paired with a a white shirt and blazer, they look classy.
  • Hoodie above knee with warm legging and high boots is the new in thing.
  • Cardigan can be paired with jeans or pants.
  • Pullover sweater looks so graceful with any kind of bottom wear.

Semi-Formal and Formal Styling

  • Formal pants with light warm or woollen shirts with blazers, coats or Jackets with formal shoes.
  • Turtleneck sweaters with jeans or pants. Always make sure to choose the tight to medium fit or it might look bulky.
  • Formal black pant with light coloured shirt and black sweater.
  • Long shoes with formal mini dress and long blazer or coat gives a chic look.
  • Same colour of pant and shirt with contrast of simple jacket, embroidered jacket and long coat.
  • Woollen scarf can be carried as an accessory with plain white shirt, pant and formal shoes.

Party and Functional Styling

  • Fur gives classy and warm look which can be carried with blazer, scarf and accessorial material.
  • Knitted dress with a leather belt can be paired with fancy jewellery.
  • Long dress with short jacket and classy heels.
  • In winters dark colour side slit long dress with mash stocking gives make one look like a diva.
  • How we can forget fancy gloves which act as an accessory with long dress or gown.

Winter Accessory

Scarf, stole, beanies, gloves, ear puffs and hat all are accessories for winter season which make an attire more beautiful and elegant and keep you warm. All these have various variations with which many different styling can be done like long gloves with gown or coat, normal gloves with all others.

Therefore, it can be seen that there are number of variations of styling winter outfits which make you look classy, comfortable, confident, elegant and beautiful.


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