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The BFF’s – Fashion and Social media

The BFF’s – Fashion and Social media


How we start our mornings? Go running, workout, eat, dress…, yes of course we do all this. But it is not the first thing we do. We open our eyes to our phones. Our first and foremost DUTY is to check the social media updates. And the next thing is to post our own stories.

This is not a small and simple job. We need a striking picture. Fancy and trendy clothes, a perfect pose, expressions, looks, background… uff! The list is endless. It has and has to be unique and new. We all want to be a leader on our social accounts. We are part of a society where looking magnetic in pictures on social media is more important than being genuine. We are running in a rat race to impress people whom we don’t even know. With this mind-set, sharing or even photographing in repeated apparel and accessories is out of question.

Fashion is one such industry which is reaping the benefits of this shift in psychology. Social media is not just encouraging people to spend more on apparel and accessories than they have ever done before, but it also gives the industry a platform to showcase their products. They are successfully using social websites to impress and impact people.

Now they have the facility to connect and interact directly with consumers throughout the world by accessing one or other social media channel and live streaming. It has given brands an opportunity to converse with their target market instantly. This element of immediacy is what a discerning consumer want, the possibility to receive and digest information rapidly.

The fashion industry is making the best use of technology and in future more and more brands will move towards this concept. Coming time will further demonstrate this shift in trend. Brands started from designing their website to shaking hands with online shopping sites like Jabong, Amazon, Myntra and many more. Today we can find n-number of apps and TV channels dedicated to this special buy and sell market. This has given a boost to sales and rapid change in fashion. As people can access global brands and has very vast choices and options. Interestingly, they can do all this while sitting at their couch and enjoying tea.
Our choices are greatly influenced by the society. Everyone prefer going to shopping with friends, whenever we see a friend wearing a striking dress, it is natural to ask where they have got it from. And posting of daily updates and stories on social platforms have made this easier. We know what others are wearing daily. We ourselves are more conscious as now we need to show to the world what we are wearing.

Advertisements on social sites are very common. They are even broadcasted in between popular videos and messages.  Fashion industry is fully aware of these facts and for this reason they spend a fortune in paying models, cinema and sports celebrities to wear their clothes and post updates on Pinterest or Instagram and facebook.

From a small local boutique to high end fashion houses, every brand has its own account on social media. They are able to grasp consumer reactions before actually launching the collection.

It won’t be wrong to say; by adopting modern social methods to present their collection in front of potential customers. By firing up social buzz they can motivate customers to share their choices with friends and family across the world through social networks. This gives indirect and free publicity to brands. This has been made possible by referral marketing technology and has enabled fashion to spread via the actions of thousands of socially active people.



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