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Teaching Mathematics Professionally

Mathematics is a major core body of knowledge in any Course. Mathematics is a subject consisting basically of number and does not lend itself to too much abstraction. Hence at times, it is labeled as a “dry” subject. So, in teaching mathematics, a teacher is overburdened to remove this, “dryness” to make the subject interesting.

What is Mathematics?

Mathematics is perhaps the most discussed subject . But many students asks “Why must I do Mathematics ?”. The usefulness of mathematics is perceived in different ways. For many, it is seen in terms of the arithmetic skills which are needed for use at home or in the office. Some see mathematics as the basis of scientific development and modern technology .These perceptions of the usefulness of mathematics arise from the fact that mathematics’ provides a means of communication which is powerful, concise and unambiguous. Mathematics’ consists mainly of symbols that need to be understood by the students and teachers must understand the difficulty some students encounter in interpreting these symbols. Mathematics should be studied to develop powers of logical thinking & accuracy. Inadequate mathematical skill present among the students is a widespread problem. All too often students view mathematics as a subsidiary subject instead of seeing it as essential & fundamental to their future profession.

One of the main objectives of mathematical education is to find active methods in teaching Mathematics in order to face the new demands, to follow the rapid development of educational technology. We have to observe the decline of mathematics skills among students entering different institutions & an increasing amount of mathematics to be taught.

One cannot expect average Students to learn mathematics in same manner as professional mathematicians usually do, yet the students must acquire, not only empirical but also, abstract understanding of mathematics. I feel that Objective of teaching mathematics to Students is to find the exact balance between Practical application of mathematical equations & in–depth understanding.

Failure and success cycles in mathematics

The failure cycle in mathematics

Negative attitude
Avoiding Mathematics

The success cycle in mathematics

Positive attitude
More Efforts

To create this very positive attitude among students the mathematics’ teacher has to really work very -very hard. This can be done by encouraging them i.e. motivating them for learning mathematics with the patience’s & by answering their problem whenever arised& by discussing the ideas i.e. formulae involved in solving particular problem & by being available to them whenever they need you. In case if a student makes any mistake while doing a problem, the teacher should make him understand his mistake rather than scolding him in front of other. Because this is the main cause of negative attitude. As there is very little gap between them & the teacher has to take care of it.

Learning of mathematics is a gradual process. It does not come all at once but latter achieves exponential growth. A number of recommendation are made to make mathematical teaching interesting like communication between teacher and students should be maximum to create interest of the latter, students needed to be motivated for learning mathematic with patience, to ask questions, discuss ideas and work with classmate and seeks help of teacher when needed. And then the reward of teaching mathematic will be very satisfying both intellectually and professionally.


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