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Psychology’ Concern in Students’Life

 Psychology’s Concern in Students’ Life


Psychology is study of human behaviour due to their environmental conditions and internal emotional as well as conflicts in the mind. This article is completely about the impact as well effect of psychology on the mind and life of human, furthermore it’s relation with human culture, values and heritage.

Students’ life gets so many effects not only from their personal but official life also. The worst conditions of their homes, which can be economically, socially as well as personally at different levels. If there would be any one of these problems in the life of learner then he/she cannot perform his/her best in the educational as well as other spheres of life. 

The person would be angry, sad or overwhelmed due to the negative effect of running issue in the life. Student generally does not look cheerful and active in the campus. This ill-effect can be reduced with help of friends, teachers and affectionate peer group. With the loving and mind soothing behaviour of them the person will surely feel relaxed as well as get motivated for ups and down of life.


Scholar cannot give his best in the studies, results and disciplined behaviour in the school or college premises. Although that student will present in class yet he is not present genuinely because he just thinks about the particular problem which he/she is faces psychologically. When someone talks to that student, it will seem that he is listening but in originality he does not listen anything because he/she does not present their through the internal thoughts. The lecture given by the teacher in the class go all in vain due to this situation of mind of beings.

Due to this psychological frustration one can be so furious and destructive that he/she can break anything around him/her. One can do harm as well as destruction of anything or anyone in one’s approach. One can weep or shout at any time without any visible reason which cannot be understood by the mob around him. Only a wise and psychologically aware person can understand the situation of these kind of persons although that effected person cannot be controlled with force but only with love, care and sympathy. 

Psychology effects all the fields and concerns of life. All human feeling, ideas, emotions and values fall in the vase of life. Whole the process of thinking starts in the mind as well as works within the mind furthermore stays in our mind however in the conscious, sub conscious and unconscious state. Self exploration of a well beings can genuinely help him/her in the esteemed life. Harmony is the core most integral part of generosity in individuals which remarkably paves the sophisticated way for all of them who are in the distress state of mind as well as feelings of heart.

The wise and experienced persons of society must find these kind of mentally weak minds around them and handle their state of mind very carefully so that we all can redeem the life of others too. As said in the chapter “Best Investment I Ever Made” by A.J. Cronin that one lamp enhances the light of other lamp, in the same manner nobleness enhances the nobleness.


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