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Rape Is Nothing New

 You are girl

You have no rights…

Always dress decently,

No shorts, no tides…

They touch you,

They tease you,

They rape you,

                                    Through their eyes…


It’s your fault

You need to compromise.

You are alone!!?

Are you out of your mind??

You were with boys,

Then definitely you would have tempted the mankind

And then as always they will tell you something very true

Rape Is Nothing New..


You were out late at night,

Someone flashed on you

The car’s headlight

A group of men walked to you

in the moonlight…

They held your hand

And grabbed you tight

And then used for their delight..

You want to punish those indict..?



Forget that, it’s alright…

And then as always

They will tell you something very true

Rape Is Nothing New


What’s your age..?


Never mind

May it be 18 years, 8 years

Or a 8 month old child

You are a girl,

That’s all they need..

You cry, you strive, or even if you bleed.

You are covered all in blood,

Just let their lust be fed..

You wear burkha

They don’t care

They put you in despair..

Found by someone passing by

Are you dead??

Or on the urge to die..!

You are dead!!!!

That was a boon..

Cause being alive after a rape..

Is a curse you could never escape..

You have been raped,

Now let the police harass you.

Let the media embarrass you…

Let’s make it a religious issue…

Let a candle march be held,

Let justice be impelled..

But no, the time will arrive soon..


When we forget you…

People who truly fight are very few…

You join Asifa in the heaven

Leaving behind a lesson

Being a girl was always unsafe…

In the older days

It was dowry, 

Today it’s a rape story..

But it seems thoughts are changing

To action

Feelings are very good,

As a city court

In Bangalore

On Saturday awarded death penalty to a man,

Who was convicted of raping and murdering a 6 years old girl on April 20 2017?

It’s a late decision..

But still

I thank the judge

For taking the first step on the path of justice..

Be strong!

Be safe.







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