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A mental health effects people badly in post pandemic era .People    have many behavioral    changes in them. They feel overstressed and use of technology is increased in them.People get so frustrated in life .The cases of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, mood change, panic attack, obsesssive compulsive disorder increases day by day in this post pandemic eraCovid -19 had changed our lifestyle. The way of communication of people. They had to communicate in social media and through chat messaging with each other instead of communicating face to face. They are stucked in houses and totally breaked from outer environment. Many people loss their jobs, friends, family members during this period. Some people face domestic violence in house, economic issues, relationship threat in this period .we all get destructed in this natural disaster. The fear of loss during this disaster effect our life  badly .People feel depressed,anxiety,sleeping issues, memory issues,behavourioul issues,drug addiction   during this period . In drug addictive people some type of behavioral changes are occur like they become more aggressive ,so depressed, more unconsious,sleeping disorders due to more   consumption of alcohol and drugs to decrease their stress.     The cases of mental health were low before pandemic than post pandemic era. People are in touch with environment outside the houses and offices they are not stucked in one place they communicate with each other before lockdowns. They love to socialize with each other face to face rather than using chat messaging. Economic issues in life of so many people are low. Unemployment also low before pandemic and many companies are hiring employee to work in office. The drug addiction cases are also low before pendamic.The stress increases the drug addiction cases in pandemic period. This addiction effect the life of so many people. The factors like insecurity of future, fear of facing the disease, lack of information about this disease, fake news in social media increases the stress in people. Children are also affected in this period because online study reserved their minds .These online studies break them from socializing with friends face to face and even their physical activities become stopped.  Medical practitioner also feel stressed due to shortage of medical staff in hospitals. The following resolutions are find out in some studies about that fact:

 The treatment  people taking


To overcome from this mental health issues people are taking telepsychiatry, face to face counselling, discussions on mental health issues, start working in groups to resolve each other’s problems.

The changes we find in people after pandemic



They become so agrresive,lazy,unconsious in mind, some people become obese due to over eating in stress

People who suffer  depression


People who disturbed in relationship, those facing economic issues.


People who have behavioral changes



Drug addicted, stressed, quarantined, who are disturbed in relationships, who overuse the technology.


In Punjab cases of mental disorders increases in post pandemic era. Some have chronic mental disorders before pandemic but some have mental disorders after pandemic .Different areas are affected with this mental problem in different ways. Many people have behouvrial changes .After pandemic people of   urban areas are more effective than rural areas. Highly populated places are more affected than low populated. People of urban cities are conserved in their houses which are small and in mostly polluted areas so due to the less green environment they get more suffered with these problems so if they started living for some time in green environment I think they can improve their mental health.  Mental health issues are increased in this post pandemic era because people feel so stressed and alone especially who are quarantine due to corona positive. This natural disaster gives us a clue to think about the future crisis which we have to face in future. The above review is focused in behavioral changes of people after this pandemic.Behaviour change in people is biggest change in our lifestyle in future which is the main reason of mental health issues due to overstress.



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