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New property system

Being involved in a soon to be launched property in which department planning has yet to be undertaken given an executive housekeeper the opportunity to influence how department will set up. It is remember that good result without planning is good luck, not good management. When any department start from the top it consist of only one employee  and the General Manager’s position should be very clearly and defined most General Manager are head of the hotel, but many do reach corporate level as well as. It should be made known to the incumbent whether he has to report to the room division Manager, the resident Manager or the General Manager. So therefore, many types of manager we need in the hotel operation like Housekeeping Manager, Front office Manager, Food and Beverage Manager and Executive Chef etc.

The Executive Housekeeper will have many occasions to relate to the other member of the organization. It is therefore get to know each of these Manager  and understand the need to be developed between each of these roles . Manager of other departments too should be in their turn to develop an understanding and respect for the function of the housekeeping department and its significance in the total operation. The organization chart is a tool that is useful here for gleaning information on reporting relationships and coordination with in the organization. The Housekeeper needs to use his time efficiently in planning, organizing and recruiting. Planning and organizing have to be done for the necessary minimum manpower as well as designing of system, establishment of procedures, determination of supply and equipment needs and devising 0f reporting and coordinating relationship with in the department. The executive Housekeeper should consult a set of the working architectural drawing of the room in the property. These will allow him to study the physical layout of the facility thoroughly and provide the basis for determining the scope involvement and responsibilities of various manager areas.

Market Survey should be carried out to identify the best supplies and equipment available with an eye to the needs of the hotel as well as the cost factor procedures and daily routines now need to be standardized for new property.  Standard Operating Procedure, task list, duties and responsibilities of specific position should be formally in place before the new employee’s induction time into the property. This is very crucial stage as the effectiveness of established now will directly show up in the result achieved the executive. Housekeeper should make regular tour of the property while it is under constructions and draw up a division of work document. It is important to know the location of service area and storerooms to optimize this process.


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