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Networking means interconnection of multiple computers .In which all computer can communicate with each other. All nodes can send and receive data in networking with easy way. Users can send data in networking with different types. There are four types of networking LAN,MAN,PAN,WAN and with the help of these types user can do their  work easily.

We can see number of types in networking with different shapes. These  can use for different place to do work efficiently like, home ,office and buildings each type use for particular place and all types have their own ability & cost.

Local Area Network is a group of computers connected to each other in a small area such as building, office. It is less costly and it is built with less expensive hardware like hubs, network adapters, and Ethernet cables and with the help of LAN data can transfer in less time. Local Area Network provides more security. For example –A school network.

Personal Area Network is a network that can cover a range of 10 meters. Personal Area Network is used for connecting the computer devices of personal use is called Personal Area Network. Mostly, it can use for personal device and wireless technologies. Bluetooth is best example of PAN which we use to connect Smartphone and laptops.

A metropolitan Area network is a network that covers a larger area and also we can called wide area network it can use in hospitals, offices and large buildings also in cloud storage. For example – Internet which is use in world.

File sharing –In this we can easily share data between different users with the help of file sharing. For example –Record of any person.

Resource sharing –  It is use for network-connected with other devices like printers, scanners and copiers, and sharing software. When we send a file for printing on that time we use resource sharing. There are multiple types of resource we can share like any file .

Ring Topology– It is type of network  topology . Which each device connect with each other in the form of ring. All devices are connecting with the coaxial cable and data is transferred in one direction as ring. Token ring is a good example of ring.

Mesh topology– A mesh topology is use for local area network .In this topology nodes connect directly with each other in a mesh form with the help of mesh topology data can send directly to other nodes in any direction.

Star topology– in this topology all devices are connecting with central nodes in star form. All nodes are connected with central device .The center nodes can be hub or switch. Which handle all nodes and complete their requirement which give by other connected nodes.

Fully connected- It is a combination of two or more network topologies is called fully connected topology. All nodes are connected with each other in any direction. But take more time to complete their task.

Line topology-In this topology host can connect directly with all nodes with the help of bus line called line topology. It use single cable and give response fast.

Tree topology – All nodes are connected in the tree form in tree topology and all nodes connected with central node.


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