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Methods used in Teaching Mathematics Professionally Part-III

Learning of mathematics is a gradual process. It does not come all at once but latter achieves exponential growth. A number of recommendation are made to make mathematical teaching interesting like communication   between teacher and students should be maximum to create interest of the latter, students needed to be motivated for learning mathematics with patience, to ask questions, discuss ideas and work with classmate and seeks help of teacher when needed. And then the reward of teaching mathematic will be very satisfying both intellectually and professionally. This blog is in continuation to previous blogs where methods used in teaching Mathematics where discussed.


  • Formal lectures
  • Use of LCD, Projectors and OHP
  • Individual learning
  • Compulsory reading
  • Invite students to solve the problem during lecture
  • Consultation hours
  • Surprise test
  • Group Discussion
  • To create positive attitudes among students
  • Positive attitude of teacher
  • Improving weak students
  • To create positive attitude among students:– Lack of confidence in their mathematical ability is the main hindrance in the way for learning mathematics .As we all know mathematical achievements is correlated with positive attitude to the subject. It is confidence is one’s own mathematical ability that is correlated with achievements, rather than liking or pleasure in the subject. Low achievements or repeated failure in mathematics often leads to negative attitude and lowered confidence, resulting in reduced effort or even mathematics avoidance, leading to further failure. Whereas positive achievements and success in mathematics often leads to enhanced attitude and raised confidence, resulting in increased effort and further success.

To create this very positive attitude among students the mathematics’ teacher has to really work very -very hard. This can be done by encouraging them i.e. motivating them for learning mathematics with the patience’s & by answering their problem whenever arised & by discussing the ideas i.e. formulae involved in solving particular problem & by being available to them whenever they need you. In case if a student makes any mistake while doing a problem, the teacher should make him understand his mistake rather than scolding him in front of other. Because this is the main cause of negative attitude. As there is very little gap between them & the teacher has to take care of it.

10)Positive attitude of the Teacher: – Positive attitude of teacher helps the students to regain their confidence. Once it is done by the teacher there is no looking back for the students in the subject. This can be done by making themselves available to students whenever needed. Teacher can be help students to improve process of learning mathematics and solving problems first by giving them least homework & more work for thought. So that they may think on lines or whatever thought in lectures & second instead of solving problem for students the teacher help them in solving those problems and appreciate them whenever required. This attitude of teacher helps in boosting the self-confidence of the student.

11) Improving Weak students: – Nearly all the students find the mathematical contents difficult. This is not necessary due to misunderstanding of the subject, but partially due to negligence and fear of the subject. Teacher can play the role of guide and parent. By playing parent, the teacher can control the negligence element among students and by guiding the students through means of problem by using appropriate formula and concept and continuously telling them about it. The teacher can help in removing the fear of the subject. After this the students feel free to solve the problems on their own. This can be adjust through critical evaluation of their performance & through constants small group discussion and sharing of ideas.

All the above methods are equal importance and many of them are supplementary.


Students of technical education need to have it explained to them why knowledge of mathematics is essential for their future practical work. Formal lectures should be supplemented by compulsory reading, use of LCD’s & OHP, individual learning, group discussions, consultations hours, surprise test, to create positive attitudes among students, improvement of weak students. Teacher must ensure that the mathematics is presented in a meaningful & effective way to facilitate easy understanding & application of mathematical knowledge. The ultimate aim of every mathematics teacher should be:

  • To get students to develop within their capabilities, the mathematical skills & understanding required for employment for further study. Sometime, the teacher should remain aware of the difficulties, which some students will experience in trying to gain an appropriate understanding of the subject.
  • To help students develop an appreciation & enjoyment of mathematics itself & to realize the role in technical education. I therefore feel that entire focus of the teacher should be on students. Consequently learning & teaching must be student centered.


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