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Global warming- an evil to environment

The global warming represents the slow rise in temperature of earth’s atmosphere. It is becoming a great issue in survival of modern youth. It is affecting our mother nature adversely. The melting of glaciers, burning of forests, desertification, low level of underground water, excess of temperature in summers and slow rise in ocean’s water level are some problems raised by global warming. This climate change has become an evil for today’s and upcoming generations. Some examples of adversities caused by global warming are-

Melting of Greenland – a largest white desert of the world

Greenland, known as the white desert of the world, is melting at a fast rate for the past few years. This melting results in increasing ocean levels in the global village. The geographical area of Greenland is becoming shorter by the estimated melting rate of 239 cubic kilometers per year and it is melting three times faster than it was suggested.


Amazon rain forest fire

Amazon forest is the largest forest in the world and is named as the lungs of the earth. In 2019 during hot summer days, these lungs of earth were setup on fire by Mother Nature due to global warming. The forest fire was too cruel, that it was very difficult for human beings to control it. This forest fire affected 30% of the known species of animals on earth and approx. 390 billion trees. The said number of trees is much bigger than the total population of human beings on earth.

“The lungs of Mother Nature were set up on fire, but her son Human was unable to do anything”

After some days of cruelty of global warming, the Mother Nature itself decided to cure Amazon forest and it begun raining in Amazon. The fire which occurred due to global warming affected most of the Amazon forest.

Australian forest fire

The global warming also affected Australia. The forests of Australia were set up on fire. This fire incident was occurred in First week of January 2020. This wildfire affected a lot of living life in Australia. About 24 people, 500 million animals and 8000 Koalas died in fire. In this fire approx 5.5 million hectares of land were burned.

“Mother Nature always finds a way to protect her”

After a cruel wildfire, it was started raining in Australia.

The global warming affects the major part of environment by various means. We should take effective measures to conserve environment.  If environment will not be saved today, then it will be difficult to survive in this polluted environment in future.


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