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Fear, a Dilemma

There is rush among people to get best in their life, stiff competition is observed in personal as well as professional life. During the golden period of life; childhood, when I did not have rational thinking, I was perplexed in solving mathematical equations, learning the basics of mathematics , at that time all the subjects were an uphill task for me that I had to face daily willingly or unwillingly. Sometimes phobia of studies woke me up from the unsound sleep. Exam days were never ending days for me.

Testophobia restricted me sometimes to perform well and hamper my confidence, my heart was beating so fast whenever I had to express my views in front of class. At that time, I want someone to take responsibility of my fear it was not under my control. With the spin of time, when I realized that there is no one who can pull me up from blue devils. I have an idea that “Fear is personal”, it is nothing to do with others.

The journey of my life taught me many valuable lessons but I believe handling the traumas is one of the amazing lessons for the rest of my life. I believe fear is not at all negative, it realizes someone to put extra energy among them to cope up with this soft situation. If someone is too harsh with the same, it can transform one’s positive personality into negative. All it needs is self-nurturing.

Meanwhile, I come to know fear can be controlled, what all is needed; positive approach towards life. Ultimately, conquering your fears leads to a lot more growth, and within the realm of your career, good things usually come from facing what scares you the most.

Apart from this, it is the fact that we are inborn with fear and it is boon. Envision of fear is like an alarm system. When there is any threatening remark to our safety, then naturally there is a productive respond from the fear circuit. Our senses are so strong that we can check in with the situation if there is an actual threat. Imagine you are watching a horror movie and you are alone in the room.

Suddenly, you hear a loud sound that frightens you, your body responds and you look around to see what made the sound .If you discover it was a motorbike on the road, you see there is no threat and you are able to continue on, and recognize that you are in the safety zone .But if it is something threatening in reality, such as someone with a gun, or someone in attack mood then you go into survival mode such as fight, attack etc.

As far as professional life is concerned, an employee confronts plethora of fears .Some people notice fear of failure while others notice fear of success that is attached with more responsibilities, pressure to continue to perform at a high level .On the other hand, the fear of being judged by others and emotional pain are common among employees. Fear of death, loss, rejection, embarrassment is hurdle to one’s life. Many types of fears holding us back and this can be curbed by “AEA”; first of all admit your fear then embrace your fear, lastly take action to eliminate it .Always keep in mind that action is antidote to fear.


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