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As we all know going to college is much more than that of just going to the classes and attending lectures. It is more about student’s 360-degree development which is not just confined to classes or books. College is not high school continued where students come, attend classes, give exams, and are promoted to the other class.

College provides students with a must vast exposure and opens many doors for the students. It provides them various opportunities for their growth and development. Students can unlock these opportunities by having an open mind and accept, participate and most importantly initiate in all activities wholeheartedly.

College is not about just campus work in fact campus in itself has its own world where students experience a wide range of activities that inculcate in them the skills they require and also enable to explore their hidden talent. These activities could be:-

  1. Stage performances
  2. Preparing a business proposal
  3. Creating ad- content
  4. Anchoring
  5. Sports activities
  6. Community welfare program
  7. Organizing events, and many more

This will not only enhance their skills of leadership, organizing, management but also gives them a feeling of self-confidence and accomplishment.

But for these things to bring fruitful results, students should also invest in themselves. As college can only provide a platform to the students and induce them to participate but it will help students only when they accept it fully with an open heart. Students should make equal efforts as college does and invest in themselves in things like:-

  1. Building up their knowledge
  2. Discovering new passions
  3. Following and satisfying their curiosity
  4. Bonding with new friends
  5. Preparing a future for themselves in which they think they are well equipped to give back.

The college will challenge students, inspire them and most importantly give every student the freedom to explore. They have the freedom to choose their future venues in a way of taking CAMPUS PLACEMENTS. College, through placements, gives every student a chance to earn and grab an opportunity to have a better and more independent life.

Campus placements are important because:-

  1. It will give application learning where students apply the knowledge they have learned in colleges.
  2. Students will have a wider base and also learn the practical aspects.
  3. Placements not only enhance their knowledge but also give them a chance to groom their personality.
  4. It also imparts students with social and behavioral skills which is equally important for them to learn.
  5. It will also make students self-dependent and confident.
  6. It will make them financially independent.

College life is important as it makes students more responsible,  mature and independent adults. Throughout this journey, college help students in every phase and in every manner, either from teaching to counseling, from being a mentor to being a friend, colleges and faculty play a very crucial role. That’s why it is well said that college is not confined to classrooms. There is much more into it. More hard work, many failures, many successes, much laughter, some tears, some bonds which are never ending and unforgettable. College gives students, a chance to grow and grow and be a better version of themselves.

Whatever a student’s destination is, the college will help you get there- even if you don’t know where” there” is yet. Whether students have mapped out a long-term plan or you see new possibilities every day. College can help you become your future self.


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