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Change is Fashion

Today, everyone wants to look different and we all are in this race of Fashion. People from all over the world are fashion conscious. Fashion has spread in all the spheres of our life and society play a big role in this umbrella of Fashion. Fashion does not only mean a popular style of clothes, hair etc. but it also includes etiquettes, manners and habits. Films, TV shows, Internet etc. are held to exhibit the latest trend. Even whenever two persons meet they talk about new things that can be accepted. We people generally believe in show off even we use artificial words, foreign languages, far-off quotations to impress others. We do our best to copy the elite class.

Now days, it’s quite impossible to accept old-fashioned things. Whether it’s our furniture, vehicle or clothes. For example, At one time, people used to ride Horses, while now they have taken to Motor-cars. The style for Furniture changes, and the way in which our grand-fathers furnished their houses would be considered altogether out-of-date and old fash­ioned today.

Even Foods and Drinks, and the way they are pre­pared and served, change from time to time. For example, a fashionable dinner in a rich house today is quite different from what it was fifty years ago. In fact, there was a time when people don’t even cover their body and then a time came when a Layers of Clothing become fashionable.

One year Bell Bottoms are trendy and another year Narrow Bottoms will become popular. Now the prevailing Colour may be blue; in a few months, it may be pink; and sometime after, everyone will be wearing black.

Basically we are fashionable because of our inherent desire To See good and To Look good. And we need change as we easily get bore from existing things; we need more comfort; and we want to do the things which our equals do.

But Change does not always mean a new design or new invention. There are many popular styles and trends for different eras. Some may go out of style, while other trends come back. So sometimes change comes with repetition of old one and sometimes mixture of old and new one.

For Example:

  • Wearing big Bindi trend, Jump Suits, Bellbottoms , Platform Heels all are back again.
  • layering of Jacket, capes and shirts with saree, top or salwar suit has rocked all trendsetting stories and giving the women a reason to doll up bold yet fantastic.
  • Sharara Salwars, Dhoti Pants, Skirts are in trend with both casual and partywear kurtis.

There is really no time period on Fashion. It is all dependent on what is popular in society at that particular time. Some trends remain classic that means they remain popular for long time but some trends come and fade away soon.

The Current Look mixes the best of the past with the future and stays true to the original urban feel.


“Fashion instills confidence in the mind of the youngster too.
Fashion should be promoted to enrich our life, not degrade it”


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