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What is Artificial Intelligence?

The facts that come in mind is, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is something that captures the capabilities of the Human mind and can be used for many purposes that provide relief to humans.

Artificial Intelligence: It means the ability of digital computer which performs various tasks related with intelligent beings. Artificial intelligence is used for developing project system with cognitive processes features of human being, such as ability to reason, find meaning, learn from  past experience.

How AI benefits Humans?

AI is beneficial in many sectors which are needed in our day to day lives. Since the AI has evolved day by day it became important in our lives.

The most interesting thing is that AI has certain capabilities of humans and can perform all the human able tasks in a few hours to minutes

Applications of AI in different sectors include various features:-

  •  Role of AI in Healthcare

  1. Help in Treatment.
  2. Improve Decision making.
  3. Expanded access to Medical Services.
  4. Better and faster Diagnosis than Humans.
  • Role of AI in Gaming


Not only kids but all generations love to play games in boredom. Artificial Intelligence applications have gained satisfactory vogue in the gaming industry.

Games that have successfully integrated Artificial Intelligence are: F.E.A.R.

AlphaGo, Deep Blue, Darkforest etc.

  • Role of AI in Education


AI is also widely used in Educational sectors to prioritize administration work. This allows teachers to concentrate more on students.

For example, automated private messages allow students to grade homework, save time in communicating with guardians, and manage multiple courses simultaneously.

  • Role of AI in Social Media


Social Media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snap chat contains billions of user profiles, which needs to be stored and managed. AI can organize and manage giant amounts of data in a very effective way.

AI helps in many fields such as Robotics, Virtual Assistant, Analytics; Computer Vision etc. provide relaxation according to different fields.

How does AI work?

It is the foundation of special hardware and software for writing and training machine learning algorithm.

There is no comparison of programming language with AI, but there are some comprising programming languages like- Python, R and Java, are popular

AI programming focuses on three main skills: learning, reasoning and self-correction.

Learning processes: In this process, AI main focus on getting data and making rules for how to turn the data into usable information. In learning processes, it creates rules for data and information.

Reasoning processes: With the help of reasoning processes, the AI programming focuses on the correct algorithm to get a desirable output.

Self-correction processes: In these self-correction processes, artificial intelligence is made to fine-tune algorithm and they give the accurate output.

Why is AI important?

  • Today, the amount of data that is generated, both humans and machines exceed human’s ability to captivate, explicate, and make complex decisions based on that data.
  • Artificial Intelligence support for all computer learning and in future for all decision making.
  • With the help of AI creation and applications of algorithms designed into a dynamic computer.





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