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All Things Are Possible

‘Without faith, nothing is possible. With faith, nothing is impossible.’ – Mary McLeod Bethune

You can be anything you want to be.

Dream big.

Be positive.

Believe in yourself.

Practice persistence and perseverance.

And you will understand, why Audrey Hepburn said, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.”Napoleon Bonaparte once remarked, “That the word ‘impossible’ is found only in the dictionary of fools”. In this world, everything is possible if you WANT to achieve it.

We all have heard sayings like these over and over again; we are often told stories of many ‘rag to rich’ personalities. But it does get difficult to keep our will power intact on the road to the dreams. Those who have determination, dedication and devotion to attain success overcome every obstacle. Their dreams are not an option for them but it is like the breath that they need to survive. This attitude gives them the power to keep fighting, keep trying, and keep moving because giving up means death.

Such people are not few but they are all around us. Try to trace the journey of your parents; you will get one more such example. They were born in the era of letters and telegrams and today they are using smart phones, social media to stay in touch with their far living relatives and children. Look at the mother who is trying to cook a new Mexican dish watching YouTube. She is dealing with ingredients, she has never heard about; just to make her child happy. Why were they able to do it? Because they had a reason, a goal and they were ready to face failures. It took days, but they were not disappointed, they didn’t give up because it was important for them. This determination is the fuel.

They have purposes not wishes. Some are tamed and scared by seeming setbacks, but those who are determinedrise above them all and crave their way to victory.  Be a fighter, not a quitter what you need to tell yourself every time you feel disappointed.

You are bound to face obstacles en route to success. It’s human to feel nervous. We doubt our own abilities to achieve the goals. But how do you know you can’t? Have you done it before? No! Then? And even if you have failed once, is there nothing you have achieved? Can’t you put in some more efforts, look for a new idea? Do you really believe yourself to be that lame?  And what exactly have you lost? Nothing. Maybe some time and energy. Well, then tell me was sitting idle, just thinking, cursing the nature and self-doubting a better utilization of time and energy?

To achieve what you want, learn to accept everything that happens; good or bad. Look at your troubles as an opportunity and incorporate them into your plan. When your troubles are not treated as hurdles, you will find it to be a mere bubble, which can be swiftly blown away. Faith is the key which unlocks the door to success. Allyou require is unwavering faith in yourself.

Faith is the driving force. It looks afar all boundaries, surpasses all restraints, vanquishes all barriers and takes you to your goal. Therefore believe in yourself, take courage and stride ahead, onward and upward, till you reach the goal.

You should start your work with a positive mind and should be indifferent to the results. Your attitude should be right. With a determined, positive and dedicated attitude you can certainly develop the right aptitude. That is why Dr. Karl Meninger had stated unequivocally:-“Attitudes are more important than facts.” By giving up your negative attitude, you can shed your tormenting fears, doubts, distress and doubts. Just as the dust tarnishes even the brightest of a gem, despair too impairs the virtues of the wise.

Who haven’t heard the name Reliance today? DhirubhaiAmbani, the founder of Reliance didn’t build this empire in a single stroke. He faced enormous challenges and set-backs to reach where he wanted to be. He started working as a clerk in Yemen at age of 16. But soon he returned to India to set up a business in partnership with his close friend. Though both the partners were of different views, ChampaklalDamani decided to split. Ambani didn’t lose hope and continued his trade. He even took bigger risks and started trading in share market. His dealings and decisions have often been questioned but the man rose to power through sheer grit and determination.  Had he given up in between, he would have been surrounded by despair. Depression, fear, anger and frustration leave deep rooted permanent scars on our psyche. It has been rightly said by Disraeli that “despair is the conclusion of fools.” If you can persuade yourself that you can do a certain thing you will do it, no matter how difficult it is.Even if you improve by 1% everyday, within a year you’ll have improved 365%


Nothing is impossible. This means that you can do anything and everything, if you have ‘WILL’ to do it. The WILL is like “the hammer that shatters glass but forges steel”. If your determination is as strong as STEEL, it makes everything possible.

When illusion overpowers reality, when fantasy overrides pragmatism, when madness vanquishes sanity, there is only one factor to blame ‘your mind’. Its minds job to make the distinction between right and wrong, happiness and sorrow, victory and defeat. It rests entirely upon the mind whether to draw line a little towards this side or that. Mind should be the host of positive attitude, good emotions, hope and determination. It can hold more power then you know you can.

So, whenever in doubt just ask yourself,

  • Do I want to stop and end my journey here?
  • Am I ready to live same monotonous life every day?
  • Don’t I want to excel and achieve?
  • Don’t I want to have new experiences?
  • Don’t I have the courage to face small problems?
  • Haven’t I experienced this before?
  • If not this then what will I do?
  • What is better to be still or slow?

I’m sure you will definitely get your answer. You may spend each moment thinking, but it won’t make your life any better or simple. So it is surely better to keep moving, face the obstacles, fall, face the consequences, learn the lesson, rise and move on. Another thing is to learn to anticipate. Think about as many ‘what ifs’ as you can, imagine them, find the solutions, be ready with a plan B and face the uncertainties and face them head on. There is a solution for everything… you have to find it or create it.

As Alexander The Great have said, “There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”




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