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Chairman, SHIMT

Mr. Greesh Gupta


Shree Hanumat Institute of Management and Technology

Shree Hanumat Educational Society (Regd.) brings quality education to Goraya under the banner of Shree Hanumat Institute of Management & Technology. Located away from the din of the city, the institute has a state-of the-art infrastructure but shall remain deeply rooted in the system of ancient Indian Educational traditions.
We will teach our students to be enterpreneurs & they shall have ethics as their guide at the same time. This shall help them to go from accomplishment to accomplishment but with humanity on their side. This is the need of the hour. We understand that SHIMT is a professional institution and we have to get our students job ready. But that is not the only aim. Our approach with respect to our students shall be holistic and we shall try to turn out complete citizens. Our efforts shall be aimed at producing achievers, go-getters & leaders of the highest quality.
We are of the firm view that SHIMT and its students shall always be proud of each other.

President, SHIMT

Mr. Naresh Gupta


Shree Hanumat Institute of Management and Technology



The aim of establishing SHIMT at Goraya is to bring higher Education of thre highest order to this industrial town located in the heartland of Doaba. The immediate purpose of the Institute shall be to begin providing professional education to our students and the ultimate aim is to help Goraya claim the top position in the map of the education world. The institute commits itself to making no compromise with respect to the infrastructure, faculty & the R & D. We understand and appreciate the fact that the name of an institution travels through its students as they are the true ambassadors of the institution & therefore, no stone shall be left unturned in providing them that extra edge that shall see them through in this competitive world. Even though we are just making a beginning, we can already see our Alumni that we shall definitely be proud of in times to come.

Managing Director, SHIMT

Mr. Sukhwinder Singh

Managing Director

Shree Hanumat Institute of Management and Technology



The opening and running of SHIMT shall be history in the making since we are investing in providing the students an environment of academic excellence. Google search or otherwise, SHIMT shall be second to none. The students have the talent, we shall provide them the resources of the finest quality, be it education or co-curricular activities. The faculty shall no doubt be highly qualified, but we shall also provide them regular training to keep them in tune with the latest in the world of academics. Because they are the one to provide the students perceptive and perceptions. We aim at turning out students who are not only office smart but world smart.
SHIMT shall teach its students economics but with a touch of kindness. It shall be an institution where the students shall have thinkers like John Ruskin for their guide and mentor.

Director, SHIMT

Dr. Shelly


Shree Hanumat Institute of Management and Technology



SHREE HANUMAT INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY under the aegis of SHREE HANUMAT EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY has been established with a change to the world through our students for the better, for good. We are proud of our philosophy of making the best choices whenever, wherever needed and always strive for ‘Quality’ be it in creating the infrastructure or knowledge sharing. We believe in delivering ‘Quality Education’ that shall lead to enriched minds and make world a better place.

Our Slogan “Enriching Minds, Enriching The World” reflects our motto for not just churning the best professionals but also to nurture a culture of ethics, professionalism and on top empathy amongst our students. We ensure the over-all growth and development of the students in any of the fields that they choose. We understand that the market and opportunities are same for everyone but the approach to click those opportunities is different. So, we look forward for our budding professionals to be one with street smartness and full industrial and practical exposure so as to strike every opportunity and make it their stepping stone for growth. I welcome the students to the family of SHIMT.


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