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B. Com. Honours

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B. Com. Honours

B. Com. Honours
  • Duration 3 Years
  • Skill level As per PTU norms.
  • Max Students 60
  • Language English
Overview of B. Com (Hons) course!! Bachelors of Commerce (Hons), is a comprehensive undergraduate course that covers the basics of commerce, including accounting, finance, management, economics, and mathematics. The 3-year course gives students the perfect scope to learn about business, management, function, taxes, core operational problems, and other relevant aspects that influence profits and losses. SHIMT offers B.Com course for students who are willing to explore business function and management from a closer perspective and get ready for the real jobs. The course is also ideal for commerce students and for those who want to later take up a Master’s degree in the same field. The course touches on aspects business, considering finance and management as a part of the system. Duration: 3 years – 6 semesters As per SHIMT admission policy B.Com(Hons). course must meet the requirements below: Eligibilty Criteria: As per PTU norms. Marks Required: As per PTU norms. Course equivalent: None Study Mode: Classroom learning (full-time), extensive environment-based training, practical projects Assessment Methods: Case study, projects, assignments, yearly-semi-yearly exams, and more. Qualification: Students will be awarded B.Com degree upon successful completion. Syllabus: As per PTU standards. Please refer here for more details. Career prospects: B.Com graduates can take up different roles in business and commerce, in varying capacities, such as accountants, executive officers, business managers, and inventory managers. Since business requires varies level of expertise, the role of fresh graduates can be really varied, depending on the role they are hired for. Commerce graduates can also consider teaching as a profession after successful completion of the M.Com (hons) and additional qualifications as required. Why B.Com?
  • Acquire business acumen to take up different roles
  • Take up tax and accounting jobs
  • Get ready for further learning with options like MBA and
  • Work as managers and management trainees
  • Start one’s own business
Experience at SHIMT SHIMT intends to deliver the perfect learning ambiance for those who are interested in commerce. As a pioneering B.Com college, our course is designed to prepare students for the tough journey in the business world, so they can choose to work with MNCs, startups or can start their own venture. SHIMT takes pride in having a setup where students not only learn the basics of accounting, economics, finance and management in the classroom but also get involved in case studies students, presentations, and workshops. We work with students to understand their talent, and our experience faculty members are always accessible to take questions, beyond the regular classroom. SHIMT has just 6050 seats for the current year for Bachelor of commerce and Administration, and we look forward to having a batch that’s eager to learn and take up challenges of the business world. We will also have a comprehensive student-teacher collaboration atmosphere within the campus, where students can actually be a part of the whole system that promises to take their interest and talent to the next level. We also include and cover all aspects and course contents as per the guidelines of PTU. To know more on admission at SHIMT, please get in touch with our team.


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