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  • Duration 3 Years
  • Skill level As per PTU norms.
  • Max Students 60
  • Language English
Overview of BBA Course!! Bachelors in Business Administration, is the ideal undergraduate management course for students looking to excel in management and corporate life. BBA offers students the opportunity to learn and focus about all aspects of management, leadership, and other facets that impact and influence business decision in varied ways. At SHIMT, we intend to nurture young minds that have the capability, will, and skills to excel in the field of business management. BBA course is designed to prepare students for the next level of management studies, which is MBA, MTA(Masters of Tourism Administration) etc. Apart from basics of conceptual and theoretical knowledge, SHIMT also trains students to apply their learning in the real world. Duration: 3 years – 6 semesters Eligibility Criteria: As per PTU norms. Marks required: As per PTU norms. Course equivalent: Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS), Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) Study Mode: Classroom learning (full-time), extensive environment-based training, practical projects Assessment Methods: Case study, projects, assignments, yearly-semi-yearly exams, presentations, and more. Qualification: Students will be awarded BBA degree upon successful completion. Syllabus: As per PTU standards. Please refer here for more details. Career prospects: BBA from SHIMT trains students to take up dynamic roles in the world of management and business. Apart from direct jobs and responsibilities in various capabilities, students are also further ready to complete their Masters in business management, finance, HR and other segments that are an eternal part of BBA curriculum. Why BBA?
  • Ideal for students looking to climb the corporate ladder.
  • Get a better perspective of the real business world with problem-solving learning approach.
  • Get the knowledge and skills to start your own business.
  • Learn about practical business problems.
  • Cover all segments of management – finance, accounting, management, HR, marketing, sales, and more.
  • Ideal for students looking forward to completing MBA from reputed institutes.
  • Take up jobs and internships right after the course.
Learning at SHIMT As an emerging BBA college, SHIMT promises to offer the ideal exposure for business students who are willing to explore management from an early age. Equivalent to a graduate degree, our BBA course is backed by a team of experienced management professors and teachers, who have years of experience in the real business world. SHIMT further simplifies the learning process and adds projects, assignments, case studies, which further strengthens the knowledge printed in books. At our business administration college, students will have the confidence and knowledge to get placements and great opportunities right after graduation, and we believe that there’s a lot more to share with the brightest minds of India. Please refer to our website for any details and contact us to get further information on Bachelors of Business Administration. We would be also more than happy to assist and help students with their choice of courses in the future, and our faculty members are accessible beyond the classroom. Please note that the number of students enrolled for the course is 60 for the current year. With our team and excellent infrastructure, your first steps in to the world of business would be a professional one and you will experience managerial learning at SHIMT. Contact us to know more for BBA admission.


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